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Chair Services

MGM Massage

MGM Massage offers onsite Chair Massage Services for Business and Corporations during Trade Shows, Sporting Events, Employee Wellness Days, Open House, Board Meetings & various special events.

Learn more about the services we offer to our clients by reading below or feel free to contact us to discuss your event and scheduling your onsite chair massage.

CORPORATE CHAIR MASSAGE;  Onsite chair massage for small, medium and large companies/businesses that are seeking to implement stress management options and wellness services to their employees as an added benefit or in tandem with benefit package offerings.

Additionally the company benefits as the employee feels better, has increased circulation, reduces propensity for headaches, massage releases endorphins which improve mental clarity, this service greatly increases employee morale, the overall benefit is greater customer service from employees which means a boost in customer satisfaction and your bottom line, employees are less likely to take sick days and overall less absenteeism, has been documented to reduce insurance claims, therefore this benefit is very cost effective to your business.

Options include bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annually massage service arrangements.  Cost is customized based on number of employees, number of therapist, number of days and number of hours.  The recommended time per massage is 15 minutes per employee in the work place, which equals to a 15 minute break which won’t interfere with or take time away from work.

MASSAGE LOUNGE:  This is a relaxing place that we offer for conventions, trade shows and special events to invigorate rejuvenate and relax during long hours.  Different stations may include, foot massage, chair massage, table massage and soothing music.  We can customize the Massage Lounge to provide your clients and staff what they need.

SPORTS PREMIUM CLUBS:  Our services may be used for entertaining clients on premium levels, team owners, prospective clients, scouts, corporate sponsors and suite owners.  Service includes chair massage for 15 minute increments.  Cost is customized based upon number of guest and number of hours.  A great way to entertain clients, family and friends while adding a healthy experience as you relax and watch a game or concert.

MASSAGE MARKETING & PROMOTIONS:  MGM Massage is a great way to implement your marketing strategy, by adding our service as a promotional tool for your important corporate sales meeting, board of directors meeting, open house event, holiday party, company picnic just to name a few.

MOBILE SPA LOUNGE:  Mobile spa is a perfect way to treat yourself, employee, guest, client, friend or family member to the luxury of a day spa in an atmosphere that we can create at your choice for special events, corporate retreats, offices, homes, beach or any location that you can think of to bring Mobile Spa services.  Mobile Spa can be customized to suit your theme or special occasion by adding services such as chair/table massage, foot massage, manicures, pedicures, and music and aroma therapy.  Mobile Spa will rejuvenate and pamper you and your special event just asks us how we can make this an extraordinary professional event.

Please contact to discuss scheduling.

Pricing: Minimum of 2 hour time blocks beginning at $120, which covers up to 10 associates, with each receiving a 10min chair massage minimum; 3 hour time blocks beginning at $180 up to 15 associates, again with each receiving a 10min chair massage minimum.  Larger companies may require more than one therapist therefore pricing will increase to accomodate number of therapists, number of days and overall time required to treat each associate.  Call to discuss your specific company needs.